Greer Park Raceway
Snelling Road, Helidon, QLD


Next Working Bee - 25th MARCH Start at 0830

ALL HELP APPRECIATED TO .....prepare everything for the following race meeting

Work Planned

General tidy up and preparation for the next meetings.
Schedule of Tasks to be completed …
* Paint kerbs (whipper snip first, and then blow off the grass)
* Rake edges of back road to clubhouse & fill holes,
* Large rocks to be thrown in bush (out of Ferris’s way)
* Fill holes on main entrance road
* Place barriers in uniform at bottom of pits parking area
* Paint bit bay numbers
* Cleaning lap scorer’s tower
* Fix leaking shower in ladies toilet
* Spray weeds with Round Up (between concrete slabs, in-out grids, around tyres)
* Evaluate possible shade roof for grandstands
* Pick up fallen branches in all of complex
* Pick up rubbish around all of complex
* Empty rubbish bins, wash out rubbish bins
* Finish off of new toilet block
* Finish painting no-man’s land, green strips to end of white
* Blue metal build up to ramp of Ferris shed
* Repair ceiling in Ferris shed that is falling down. Seal roof.
* Straighten tyres where needs – arrange one section of uniform tyre size
* Whipper Snip around tyres before poisoning
* If you have a whip snipper available please bring it and or a rake and shovel…
* But most important bring thyself……..
*10 Points available for full attendance and participation towards Club C’ship
Club Working Bee – Sunday 25 March

Equipment Required

Whipper Snippers ...Any help would be very appreciated to assist in having the circuit race ready! Bring yourself..............
Bring yourself the rest of the gang..!!

NEXT WORKING BEE – Sunday 25th March

It takes alot of hard work from dedicated members to keep the Kart club maintained, managed and ready to race.   We are always on the lookout for members willing to give a small amount of their time to assist at Working Bees.

workingBee2Working Bees are held when scheduled on the weekend usually following race meeting each month and your help is greatly appreciated.

Contact our Working Bee Coordinator anytime at to see what needs to be done.

Our Working Bees have achieved some fantastic progress over the years. It is also a great opportunity to get to know other members who have a wealth of experience, information and contacts available to them which may be very beneficial to new members.